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04/08/22 Seminar: Dissecting alveolar patterning and maintenance at single-cell resolution by Dr. Astrid Gillich, Principal Investigator at Calico Life Sciences, San Francisco (details)
03/18/22 Seminar: Human Pluripoten Stem Cell-derive Lung Organoids, COVID-19 and Drug Development by Dr. Shuibing Chen, Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine (details)
02/18/22 Seminar: A Brief Introduction on Nanopore Sequencing by Dr. Hongxu Ding, Assistant Professor at University of Arizona (details)
02/18/22 Seminar: Engineered ACE2 Decoy Mitigates Lung Injury and Death Induced by SARS-CoV-2 Variants by Dr. Lianghui Zhang, Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago (details)
02/04/22 Seminar: COVID-19 imprints airway basal cells to impair epithelium regeneration by Dr. Xingbin Ai, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School (details)
01/21/22 Seminar: Reduced Notch1 Cleavage Promotes the Development of Pulmonary Hypertension by Dr. Jinjiang Pang, Associate Professor at University of Rochester (details)
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