2020 CALA Leadership Committees and Chairs


Dr. Xiaobo Zhou, Ph.D, Harvard University


Dr. Yin Chen, Ph.D, University of Arizona


Dr. Zhiyu Dai, Ph.D, University of Arizona

Committee Chairs:

The Website Management Committee (Dr. Wei Chen, Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh)

The Program Committee (Dr. Ke Yuan, Ph.D, Harvard University)

The Network Committee (Dr. Yan Hu, Ph.D, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical School).

The Award Selection Committee (Dr. Lin Mantell, M.D/Ph.D, St. John’s University College of Pharmacy)

The Nomination Committee (Dr. Jinghong Li, M.D/Ph.D, University of California, San Diego)

The Video Distribution Committee (Dr. Ting Xie, M.D/Ph.D, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)

Past CALA Leadership

Year President President-Elect Treasure
2019 Qiang Ding Qing Lu Xiaobo Zhou
2018 Min Wu Qiang Ding Qing Lu
2017 Peter Di Min Wu Qiang Ding
2016 Yutong Zhao Peter Di Min Wu
2015 Hongwei Chu Yutong Zhao Peter Di
2014 Dianhua Jiang Hongwei Chu Yutong Zhao
2013 Yunchao Su Dianhua Jiang Hongwei Chu